A Kosovan problem remove for the post-war period

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On the eve of planned for February 27 in Brussels Serbia and Kosovo the part of the Serbian opposition demanded the summit from the president Alexander Vuchich not to sign any agreements on normalization of the relations about Kosovo before the end of the Ukrainian crisis. This requirement Russian Federation in Belgrade positions that the status Kosovo has to be defined in "other geopolitical conditions" — upon completion of "the conflict to the West in the territory Ukraine" which "Russian Federation" by all means will win. In EU consider that thereby Russian Federation and the pro-Russian opposition to Serbia put pressure upon Alexander Vuchich with...
Alexander Vuchich
Last position: President of the Republic Serbia (President of Republic Serbia)
Alexander Botsan-Kharchenko
Last position: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (Embassy of the Russian Federation in Republic Serbia)
Zhozep Borrel Fontelyes
Last position: High Representative for foreign affairs and security policy (YESVS)
Albin Kurti
Last position: Acting as Prime minister (Government Republic of Kosovo)
Miroslaw Laychak
Last position: The special representative on dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo (EU)