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Эскалация палестино-израильского конфликта
Стрельба в школе в Казани
Взаимная высылка дипломатов
Дипломатический кризис в отношениях России и Чехии
Приостановка авиасообщения с Турцией
Ситуация на Украине
Блокировка Суэцкого канала
Олимпиада в Токио - 2021
Взрывы в Бейруте
Крушение Superjet 100 в "Шереметьево"
Case against Ivan Belozertsev
Sanctions against Russia because of an incident with Navalny
Digital signature
Case against the ex-governor of Khabarovsk Krai Victor Ishayev
Problems with vaccine of AstraZeneca
Business of the former head of Mari El
Restriction of work of Twitter
The prime minister of Armenia came to the supporters to the area of the Republic
Collapse at the Norilsk concentrating factory
Protests in Armenia
The speaker of parliament of Kyrgyzstan resigned
The "British" strain of COVID-19 is recorded already in 60 countries
Economic stories
Protests in Moscow
A revolution in Myanmar
Accident at combined heat and power plant in Norilsk
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Aliyev signed the decree on the president's special representatives in Karabakh
Agreement on the open sky
Vaccine from COVID-19 BioNTech and Pfizer
Joseph Biden's inauguration
Foreign vaccines from COVID-19
Joe Biden is U.S. President
A new strain of COVID-19 in Great Britain
First meeting of the working group on a situation with food prices
Putin demanded to stop increase in prices for products
The Russian vaccines from COVID-19
iPhone 12
Terrorist attacks in France
Protests in Thailand
A quarantine at schools
Crisis in Kyrgyzstan
Environmental disaster on Kamchatka
Parisian agreement on climate
Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
An election of the president of the USA — 2020
Combative sports
Water sports
Winter sports
A car - and motorcycle sport
Sports events
Navalny's hospitalization
Presidential elections in Belarus 2020 and protests
Drugs and prevention of COVID-19
News of water polo
Vaccines and testings in the world
An economic situation in the world
Business of Furgala
Consumer protection of financial services
Financial literacy of the population
Rugby news