"105 million euros? " The forward "Ayntrakhta" Andre Migel Valente da Silva joked about the cost

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The forward "Ayntrakhta" Andre Migel Valente da Silva shared opinion on hearings about its transfer. "Yes, I am informed on hearings about transition to Football club "Manchester United" and "Atletiko", but it after all only hearings" — quotes Goal of the Portuguese. Besides, the forward assumed, in how many he would manage to buyers "Probably, about 105 million euros? All right, I joke. Somewhere heard about 30 million. We always increase the price when we trade in own brand. The main thing — it that I am able and that I do" — emphasized Andre Migel Valente da Silva. "Ayntrakht" redeemed the 25-year-old forward from "Milan" for 9 million euros. In the current season Andre Migel Valente da Silva...
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