The governor Khabarovsk Territory dismissed the chief fisherman

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"If people are not happy with
, means the fishery committee works not enough. The most rigid personnel conclusions" will follow, - the governor Khabarovsk Territory Vyacheslav Shport commented on the personnel decision.

the Governor Khabarovsk Territory Vyacheslav Shport held meeting of the commission on regulation of production of salmon breeds of fishes. Its participants discussed a course autumn Putin, and also implementation of the regional project "Available Fish", reported to business magazine "Dalnevostochny kapital" in Government of Khabarovsk territory.

It was noted by

that trade of an autumn Siberian salmon in the region in the heat. In total 7 thousand 745 tons of fish are extracted. These are about 50% of the total amount of the allocated quotas. According to the Khabarovsk branch Federal state unitary enterprise "Tinro-Centre", forecasts on an autumn course of a Siberian salmon will be corrected towards increase. It will allow to increase production volumes, in comparison with the summer period. The governor charged to organize uninterrupted deliveries a fresh-caught Siberian salmon for inhabitants of edge.

"Our main task – that on counters of shops was available fish at the acceptable prices. Both in the large cities, and in areas. This question has the big social importance. Many complaints to me arrived about it from inhabitants. If people are not happy, means the fishery committee works not enough. The most rigid personnel conclusions will follow. I made the decision to dismiss the chairman of committee . We have to liquidate deficiency which was formed because of a low course summer Putin in the shortest terms. This issue needs to be resolved quickly, without delays in interests of inhabitants of edge", - the governor of edge emphasized.

Participants of meeting also discussed a question of carrying out control and supervising actions during autumn Putin. It was noted that inhabitants Ohotsk district and Polina Osipenko's name complain that cannot fully master a quota of amateur fishery because of restriction of length of fishing nets. Besides, the ban is imposed on I net in inflows of Cupid. Vyacheslav Shport charged to work a question of change of rules of amateur fishing for inhabitants Khabarovsk Territory.

"Rules of fishery have to consider interests of people first of all. For our many inhabitants, including the indigenous small people, trade on Cupid is traditional and vital. It is necessary to oppress, first of all, poachers. Here I am the supporter of the most hard line. It is necessary to develop more flexible rules for inhabitants", - the Governor emphasized.

the Head of the region also designated

insufficient measures which are undertaken in the region on suppression of illegal production of water bioresources.

this year from illegal fishers withdrew about 6 thousand kilometers of illegal tools of fishing, more than 200 cases on administrative offenses are opened. Vyacheslav Shport charged to consider possibility of the organization of raids in places of spawning salmon, and also to check the enterprises which can cooperate with poachers.

the Governor also suggested to study a question of distribution of the fish withdrawn from poachers in social establishments. Today by the federal legislation it is liable to destruction.

during meeting members of the commission also considered a question of allocation of additional quotas for production of a Siberian salmon to the enterprises Ulchsky district and Komsomolsky rayon who addressed in Government of Khabarovsk territory. Field men got permission to development of 45 more tons. Vyacheslav Shport charged to work in the shortest terms with Federal state unitary enterprise "Tinro-Centre" a question of allocation of an additional reserve for Khabarovsk Territory.

"Here we have to work with

for an advancing with science, build forecasts more carefully, allocating necessary quantity of quotas for the enterprises beforehand", - the governor emphasized.

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