"The faithful soldier of establishment": why democrats refuse support from outside Barack Obama at congressional elections

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Candidates on elections in the House of Representatives and Senate of the United States of America from states of the Midwest ask Barack Obama not to support their campaign. They consider that image among young politicians of the left sense will cost the 44th President of the United States. Experts note that Barack Obama did not cope with a role of the progressionist and finally spoiled the reputation, having joined on a funeral John McCain a camp of globalists.

the Ex-president of United States of America Barack Obama prepares for active participation in advance of Democratic party at the forthcoming intermediate congressional elections. The first of performances Barack Obama in support of democratic candidates is planned for September 7 and will take place in University State of Illinois. Then the former head of the White house will go to propaganda tour on State of California, to State of Illinois, State of Ohio and State of Pennsylvania.


thus a number of democrats are not really glad to similar support. It seems to some politicians that pre-election race has to take place strictly between them and their rivals, and emergence on a scene of such powerful propagandist as Barack Obama will distract voters from specific proposals with which they go on elections.

"To us substitute candidates are not necessary to

. All this, of course, remarkably, but here is not necessary. Opposition goes between me both Matt Rozendeylom, and same it and has to remain" — provides Political newspaper "The Hill" words John McCain the Tester which stands for the senate from State of Montana.

Besides, some democrats to these regard the most Barack Obama as political rival.

"I hope that here it will not arrive. Once it threatened to take part in campaign against my election so I do not think that it here appears" — Heidi Hejtkamp achieving election in the congress from State of North Dakota reported to Political newspaper "The Hill".

"Affairs at them and so go not bad"

In spite of the fact that Barack Obama enjoys big popularity among the Afro-Americans voting for democrats, party strategists are afraid that his participation in pre-election actions only will mobilize that part of voters who were not happy with its prezidenstvo, and voted "against it" for Donald Trump.

"At these candidates in the states of business go not bad, and it is optional that Barack Obama put on them the quality mark. It even can do much harm them more, than help. Barack Obama, of course, is popular among a certain part of the population in these states, but he does not cause delight in other part of voters" — one of political strategists told Political newspaper "The Hill".

the Political scientist Blokhin Konstantin explained

in conversation with TV channel "RT" that now in democratic party there is no strong leader , but credit trust of establishment concerning Barack Obama is still high. However its personal reputation can really do much harm to his members of the same party.

"Now on the party Donald Trump and its parties gross domestic product growing for 4%. To simple citizens from one-storeyed America to spit on the theory of plot of rather Russian intervention — they are disturbed by workplaces and own welfare. The democratic party draws the conclusions from this situation, and will try to take a revenge" — Blokhin Konstantin speaks.

the Main contradictions between two main political parties of United States of America are in the sphere of domestic policy as in questions external they grew together long ago, Blokhin Konstantin explained.

"In the long term the Republican Party will be becomes more and more right and to gravitate towards a trampizm, becomes natsioanalistichny and protectionist. The democratic party is interested in upholding of positions of various minority, and it should drift to the left side. If democrats are able to win these elections and to establish control over the House of Representatives, most likely, they will try to initiate procedure of impeachment Donald Trump" — the expert notes.

the Battlefield — the congress

Intermediate congressional elections will take place in November, 2018, they represent huge importance for Democratic party. Now both chambers of the American parliament are controlled by Republican Party that plays into the hands of the president Donald Trump. In November all 435 places in the House of Representatives, and 35 of 100 places in the senate will be played.

  • the Political scientist-Americanist Drobnitsky Dimitri considers that influence of the left, socialist wing strongly increased in Democratic party — therefore between young politicians and party establishment there is tension.
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Now republicans take 51 places in the senate, and democrats — 49. From 35 "disputable" chairs 10 State of Ohio, Indiana, State of Florida, State of West Virginia, State of Wisconsin, State of Missouri, State of Montana and State of North Dakota can be occupied by representatives "rotary" states where the majority of voters voted for Donald Trump in 2016 — State of Michigan, State of Pennsylvania.

the Senate in this elective cycle is re-elected only on a third, whereas the House of Representatives — completely. Now 236 places from 435 are taken by republicans, and 236 democrats, six more places remain vacant to elections.

Representatives of democrats repeatedly declared that count that intermediate Election of the president of the Russian Federation 2018 years become peculiar "a referendum according to Donald Trump" — if they manage to return themselves the majority in the House of Representatives, they will be able to start procedure of impeachment of the president.

In return, republicans intend to reserve by all means control over parliament that will lead to fierce fight. The newspaper of edition "New York Post" reported that intermediate Election of the president of the Russian Federation 2018 become years the most expensive for all history of their carrying out. The edition notes that only for TV advertizing will be spent more than $1 billion.

Both parties by August spent

for support of the candidates for the senate nearly $170 million and bought a broadcasting time for propaganda rollers for $230 million, writes edition "New York Post". In the senate republicans spent $146 million for support of election campaigns, democrats — $135 million. By the time of elections together with expenditure for other types of advertizing, carrying out polls and payment salaries to the staff of campaign headquarters this sum can already reach $1,6 billion

Threat of intervention

Intermediate elections of 2108 gave to the American political establishment a reason again to bring up a question about "the Russian intervention" . In particular one of the last applications for this subject the adviser made Donald Trump on national safety John Robert Bolton II. However, according to him, attempts to interfere with the upcoming intermediate elections in United States Congress should be expected not only from Russian Federation — Trump's Исполнительный office president of United States of America considers that will try to affect results of November vote also China, Iran and North Korea.

"I can tell

, Iran and North Korea is a serious question of the agenda of providing national security, and we take all necessary measures. I will not open details, however on Election of the president of the Russian Federation 2018 years we will watch these countries" — declared John Robert Bolton II on air TV channel "NBC News".

He emphasized that United States of America with special diligence will prevent attempts to interfere with elections, however details did not open.

"We take the most different measures, but we cannot go into detail yet. But I can tell that it will be both defensive, and the offensive cyberoperations directed on protection of electoral process from intervention from the outside" — told John Robert Bolton II.

Movement to the left, support on the right

the Political scientist-Americanist Drobnitsky Dimitri considers that influence strongly increased in Democratic party the left, socialist wing — therefore between young politicians and party establishment there is tension.

"Very many party strategists are adjusted by

on setting party as much as possible to the left. As far as they are capable of such revolution, and as far as their views are close to the American voter — this question remains open" — he explained in conversation with TV channel "RT".

according to the expert, Barack Obama tried to present himself the new person and the candidate of changes — the real progressive President of the United States. However the view of its figure as policy changed at many, including democrats.

"After a funeral John McCain where they were present with George W. Bush Jr. and delivered almost identical speeches, Barack Obama makes impression of the faithful soldier of the American establishment. And this establishment loses popularity at the American voters. Fears of politicians who do not want its support, are not groundless. Barack Obama completely merged with establishment, after all a funeral John McCain was a party of the American globalism, and not only American. They used this action to show everything that are ready to take a revenge. Presence there Barack Obama strongly impaired a little to it image" — Drobnitsky Dimitri concluded.