Hydrometeorological center forecast the abnormal weather before New year

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the Head of Hydrometeorological center Roman Mendelevich Vilfand reported that air temperature on all Russian Federation in the last week 2017 will be abnormally warm and will exceed norm on 8-10 degrees. "Now weather simply madly warm will be during here this New Year's Eve period. In Moscow temperature, since tomorrow, is 8-10 degrees higher than norm. Here a situation when it is really possible to consider that Moscow – all Russian Federation because everywhere, on all territory of the country temperature will be higher than norm. In the Urals norms too are 10 degrees higher, in the south of Western Siberia norms" are 12 degrees higher, – quotes information agency "ITAR-TASS" Roman Mendelevich Vilfand. According to him, to Sakha (Yakutia) Republic in the middle of the week warming will be enormous. Now in the region norms are 8-10 degrees lower, and by Thursday Hydrometeorological center promises that temperature will exceed norm on 12-14 degrees. "Temperature will increase more than by 20 degrees", – Roman Mendelevich Vilfand noted. It also sounded the reason of abnormal weather. From the Mediterranean and Turkey in the European part Russian Federation air began to arrive at the same time warm. Heat goes to Siberia from the southern regions Asia. The head of Hydrometeorological center warned that in Far East very strong winds are expected, up to storm. "There will be an improbable wind mode on Kamchatka territory (45-50 m/s in the next two days) and on Sakhalin region (32-38 m/s)", – Roman Mendelevich Vilfand reported.

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