Founders of "utopian islands" became winners of the Award of Kandinsky in the field of the modern art

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From classics – to the modern art. In Moscow called winners of an award of Kandinsky. The ceremony traditionally took place in Udarnik movie theater. In the same place works of nominees – video performances, utopian islands, and still a bus stop and the crosswalk as art objects were presented. Who from authors got an award?

Smells that is brighter than paints, recreate pictures of our past or the present. Corin's artist Corina Irina presented the whole gallery of such images and to see them, suggests "to inhale art".

"At each space the smell. To me it was important that's it these borders which you can overcome, having exactly felt aroma. For example, the smell of cross ties, as a result began to smell Vishnevsky's ointments, tar", – she tells.

Language of modern artists – as if the text which is clear not at once. Words it seems acquaintances, but combination strange. It would seem, typical overalls of workers, but here the sizes... This dedication to Moscow. Or here: it seems simply people in the pool. But darkly also it is somehow disturbing. Not for nothing. The author of this video tries to present life in the bunker after accident. You while live, but without the future.

"We live in captivity of the any mechanical and social ideas of how it is necessary to live, and it is some kind of vicious circle from which, at all I do not know, whether it is possible to leave", – the artist Kanis Paulina tells about the work.

Only the brightest art statements. The final of the Award of Kandinsky was reached by only six of nearly four hundred artists. New stars of the modern art heads of the leading Russian and world museums define.

Guests yet did not take a place in the auditorium. Prior to an awards ceremony half an hour more. Directly these minutes directly in the face of the audience — the competent jury solves who won. It is indestructible tradition. Not for nothing Kandinsky's Award call the most transparent.

, artists got the First prize, "The project of year" from Krasnodar, "ZIP Group". Juries subdued their utopian islands, for example: Critics, Eternal War or Doner kebab. Expanse for philosophy. And the world to which dolphins, pride of resorts Krasnodar territory and the wisest animals come to rescue people.

"To dolphins the power is not necessary to

, money are not necessary, these power moments are not necessary here. The dolphin is such for us an image of the philosopher or the person, the animal future", – the artist of "ZIP Group" Subbotin Stepan speaks.

Given rise in a workshop of Plant of measuring devices "ZIP Group" in eight years created the new environment in the city: Institute of the modern art, festival, the art residence and even affected life of ordinary people.

"It is transition through road from the settlement on a beach, and there was no crosswalk. We drew this crosswalk at night, signed "ZIP" here, and people started using this crosswalk. And then in a year arrived, and there was the real crosswalk which was made by the state", – the artist of "ZIP Group" Ganeev Eldar tells.

Microphone, as power tool; who owns it, will be heard. But what to tell? These searches of the voice, themselves through a body, called the best project of the young artist.

"When you increase yourself, become louder, more people can hear you. The situation as a result turns over: microphones seize people", – the winner of the Award of Kandinsky in the nomination "The young artist speaks. Project of year" Pirogov Alexander.

"The modern art, especially an award, is a first line of fight for art. If inside there are two kisses of Lord – independent art language and poetry, internal poetry, then the artist is actually doomed to recognition", – the founder of the Award of Kandinsky Shalva Petrovich Breus is sure.

I Kandinsky's Award – recognition world. In some works of finalists of this year already became interested in the Centre Georges Pompidou, the main Parisian Museum of Modern Art.