Kazan will celebrate the 30 anniversary of the relations with the first twin-city – German Braunschweig

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Next year Kazan and German Braunschweig will celebrate the 30 anniversary of the twinning relations. Today the Kazan town hall the vice-mayor visited Braunschweig Anke Kapchammel's — she discussed prospects of cooperation of the cities with the first vice-mayor of the capital Republic of Tatarstan Eugenie Lodvigova , reports kzn.ru .

of Anke Kapchammel (at the left) and Eugenie Lodvigova Photo : kzn.ru

Kazan and Braunschweig signed about friendship on October 5, 1988. "Today at Kazan 51 twin-cities are, all of them are close to us. But Braunschweig — our first twin-city, we will tell so, the elder brother" — marked out Eugenie Lodvigova.

Kapkhammel thanked the Kazan party for warm welcome. According to her, one of the main directions of cooperation is the program for a school exchange which started from the moment of signing of about friendship and is successfully realized today. According to Kapkhammel, at the end of September of 16 Kazan school students will go to Braunschweig according to the program of studying of traditions and language, and Kazan will accept the same number of the German school students in October.

the Vice-mayor Braunschweig stated to

interest in implementation of the similar program for an exchange of students and teachers in which technical universities of Kazan and Braunschweig would participate. In addition, Kapkhammel, having paid attention to rich historical property of two cities, suggested to develop the program for an exchange of library data.

Also German party sees cooperation prospects in the field of a cultural exchange, in particular, an exchange of tour rounds of the Kazan and German creative collectives and actors.

Braunschweig — the large city to State of Lower Saxony (in the north Germany), founded in 861. Population exceeds 252 thousand people. Now the region Braunschweig is important European educational and scientific center.