The Russian saxophonist acted to India

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To New Delhi speeches of the national actor Russian Federation, the saxophonist and the jazzman Igor Mikhaylovich Bootman as a part of a quintet took place. "We have a various program: known around the world and our domestic melodies, improvisations from the Indian movies which were popular in Soviet period, the classic. In our ensemble real masters of jazz improvisation" play — Igor Mikhaylovich Bootman told. As a part of a quintet also there were a pianist and the vocalist Akkuratov Oleg, the guitarist Pobozhy Eugenie, the drummer Zizak Edouard and the contrabass player Zatolochny Nicholas. Performed by collective author's works Igor Mikhaylovich Bootman sounded...
Igor Mikhaylovich Bootman
Main activity:Cultural worker
Akkuratov Oleg
Pobozhy Eugenie
Zizak Edouard
Zatolochny Nicholas