Emerson Fittipaldi: "Alonso in "Red Bull" would be same fast, as Maxime Emiliane Ferstappen"

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The double champion Fittipaldi compared "Formula One". Emerson Fittipaldi admitted that is admired with performances of 42-year-old "lion" Fernando Alonso Dias at "Aston Martin" wheel. The Brazilian also declared that in "Red Bull" Alonso would not concede in speed to Maxime Emiliane Ferstappen. – Fernando Alonso Dias in very good physical form, in psychological too, at it are big thirst of a victory, motivation. It as lion. He is a lion on the route and acts to attack. It always very highly finishes in races. In America we call such as Fernando Alonso Dias "carreristas" are racers, which always...
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