The Denver basketball club won a victory over "Houston" in NBA regular championship game

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November 30. /MEDIA-TALK/.klub "Denver" won against "Houston" game of the regular championship National basketball league. Account of a meeting 134:124. For athletes from "Nuggets" it is the third victory in a row. Best of all in game center Nikola Yokich proved. It gathered 32 points, made 10 selections and 15 passes. Following the results of a meeting "Denver Nuggets" stand on the 2nd line of standings of the Western conference, result 13-6. Club" Basketball club "Khyuston Rokets"" holds the 9th place, result 8-8, reports" newspaper "Sport-express"". Earlier we wrote that the Houston basketball club lost to "Dallas" in a match of the regular...
Nikola Yokich
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