To Moldova said goodbye to the republic's last participant of the Battle of Stalingrad

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But the republican authorities refused to hold a ceremony of farewell to the honored veteran and the gentleman of the highest award Moldova - Republic Awards. Even the guard of honor for farewell was not allocated. The former president of the country leading Party of socialists Igor Nikolaevich Dodon, at the ceremony of the farewell which has taken place at the house Gladkov Pawel, declared: "That we say goodbye to the hero here, instead of in the Palace of the Republic is a spittle in memory of our heroes, we should not forget it never and we will not forget". Ceremony of farewell to the veteran hundreds inhabitants visited Kishinev, representatives of the Russian diplomatic mission came to Moldova also...
Igor Nikolaevich Dodon
Last position: Chairman (Party of socialists Moldova)
Gladkov Pawel
Filat Wladyslaw
"Solidarity and Action"
Political ideology:Social liberalism