Rustam Minnikhanov declared unprecedented level of the Russian-Chinese relations

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Rice RT Rustam Minnikhanov met the vice-mayor of Shenzhen Van Shouzhuyem. Addressing in the vis-a-vis, Rustam Minnikhanov noted: "In recent years the Russian-Chinese relations reached unprecedented level. Our cooperation – an example of how the interstate relations in the modern world" have to be under construction. The head of the republic paid attention that commodity turnover shows stable growth. Following the results of last year it increased more than by 58% and exceeded $1,6 billion. Mutual trade continues to grow – in the first half of the year 2023 the figure came nearer to 1,5 billion dollars...
Rustam Minnikhanov
Last position: President of the Republic of Tatarstan (President of the Republic of Tatarstan)