"A charming muzzle" and "robber having a tail": pop stars showed the pets

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Only here it is possible to see at once so many darlings, playful, and at times thoughtful and serious heroes. But the main thing – they know true sense of the words "devotion" and "friendship". Dimitri Shepelev, the host "In a circle of friends": "The program – about love! Because near animals we the presents! Also it is visible for whom animals reach who is sincere, who not really … It is very important program! " And still "In a circle of friends" is a place where skilled trainers, zoologists and psychologists gather. Experts give important advice on leaving and education of pets. After all often many bring darling pesika, and receive the present...
Dimitri Shepelev
Last position: TV host, radio host
Denise Ilyich Klyaver
Last position: Singer, musician
Lada Volkova (Lada Dens)
Last position: Singer, actress