Repeated blow to refugee camp, operation "successor" and the first evacuated. The main thing about war in Near East

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The repeated blow to refugee camp Jabalia in the Gaza Strip led to condemnation Netanyakhu Izrail and to a rupture of the relations with some countries, Russian Federation refuses to Netanyakhu Izrail the right for self-defense, the prime minister Netanyakhu Izrail suggested ideas of the successor. The main events of armed conflict in Near East — in the evening digest of online newspaper "". Victims the Death toll increased in the Gaza Strip to 9061, among them — 3760 children and 2326 women, reports TV channel "al-Dzhazira" with reference to Minzdrav the Gaza Strip. The army of defense Netanyakhu Izrail publishes names of 333 lost soldiers. In total Israeli losses make more than 1400...
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