In the Bauman lyceum opening of memorial boards in memory of his graduates who were lost during special military operation] took plac

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One of walls at an entrance to the Yoshkar-Ola Bauman lyceum became a symbol of memory of all staff of educational institution: here the memorial boards devoted to graduates, lost at execution of a military duty are placed. Now such sad signs became five: in a festive atmosphere on a school ruler the memorial boards devoted to Anatoly Alekseevich Panfilov and Dmitriev Mikhail, lost during special military operation were open. Grigory Peysakhovich, teachers and class teachers, parents and widows of heroes made a speech at a ceremony director general lyceum. One of victims, Dmitriev Mikhail...
Anatoly Alekseevich Panfilov
Last position: Chairman of the party "Russian ecological party "Zelyonye" ("The Greens")
Dmitriev Mikhail
Zagaynov Dimitri