The writer Joan Rouling again accused of a transphobia

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The writer Joan Rouling declared again the position in the relation a trance persons on social networks. She refused to call a female trance women and wrote that it is better to stay some years in prison, than "to deny reality and importance of a floor" the Writer and the author of books about the wizard Harry Potter Joan Rouling refused to call again a female trance women in the new publication in a social network of X (the former Twitter). Making comments on the photo of a wall of office of the British Royal public prosecutor's service to which the projection with the text "Was brought repeat after us: the female trance — is women", Joan Rouling...
Joan Rouling (Dzh. K. Rouling)
Last position: Writer, film producer
Helena Bonem Karter
Last position: Actress
Fayns Reyf