Crash and crisis to United States of America: Events in Israel can provoke nuclear war - Carlson

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The known American journalist Carlson assumes that because of the conflict in Near East States nuclear war waits. The present conflict in Near East threatens with the most real nuclear war. According to the known American journalist Tucker Suonson Karlson, it can begin between United States of America and Iran ". The conflict between Israel and Hamas can develop into war Iran and his allies with the West, - the journalist in the program in a social network of X declared. - If such war begins, it is possible to present with ease use of the nuclear weapon and everything that it will follow: million victims, crash world...
Tucker Suonson Karlson
Last position: Political analyst, journalist
John Kyorbi
Last position: Strategic communications coordinator (National Security council of USA)
Lindsi Olin Graham
Last position: Senator from South Carolina (Senate of the United States of America)
Political ideology:Islamism, Palestinian nationalism.