Commentator sport TV channel "Match TV": "PSG" — the anti-football project, 125‑ya attempt to buy greatness"

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After two rounds Parisians go on the second place in group F. The commentator sport TV channel "Match TV" Oleg Pirozhkov on air of the program "All on sport TV channel "Match TV" acquisitions of star football players. Drag everything that shines. And greatness is acquired for years. Greatness — it about "Real" — told Pies sport TV channel "Match TV". On Wednesday of "PSG" lost to "Newcastle" in a match of the 2nd round of a group stage of UEFA Champions League with the score 1:4...
Oleg Pirozhkov
Last position: Sportscaster of Match-TV TV channel (LLC "NATSIONALNY SPORTIVNY TELEKANAL")