The mayor Russian-speaking Kharkov Mera refused the words in protection of the Russian speech

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Kharkov Mera to Igor Aleksandrovich Terekhov had to justify for words in protection of Russian. In 2022 in interview of information agency "Agence France-Presse" he told that to force people to refuse Russian – "not the best way". Now he calls that statement "primitive inventions of the Russian propagandists". In his opinion, "the Russian propagandists" inflate language scandal and by that bring split in the Ukrainian society. " Kharkov Mera – the heroic city. Ukrainian – the only state language. Our native language. And the begun war only accelerated and without that inevitable process of conscious transition of all...
Igor Aleksandrovich Terekhov
Last position: Mayor (City council of the Kharkovka settlement)
Taras Kremen
Last position: Representative for protection of a state language (Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine)
Kharkov Mera
Department educations