G1: the death toll as a result of a cyclone to Brazil increased to 36 people

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Brasília, on September 7, 2023, 04:54 — information agency "REGNUM". The death toll as a result of Riu-Grandi-du-Sul which has fallen upon the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul a cyclone increased to 36 people, reported on September 6 a local portal of G1. Earlier it was reported about 31 victims. Shilov Yvan information agency "REGNUM" Brazil "Total number of victims as a result of passing of the extra tropical cyclone which has fallen upon staff … reached 36 people" — is spoken in the portal message. The cyclone in staff Riu-Grandi-du-Sul was accompanied strong by flaws and pouring rains which as a result led to floodings. According to the governor of staff Leyte Eduardo, as a result...