The peninsula on the spit, grain Latin America, a tariff for parkings. Results

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daily business newspaper "RBK daily" Kaliningrad collected in the total review short news and subjects on September 6. Photo: Podgorchuk Alexander To Latin America through Kaliningrad the Kaliningrad port involve in a chain of export supply of grain from Russian Federation to Latin America. The president RZS Arkady Leonidovich Zlochevsky declared that deliveries to Latin America are based on counter loadings of vessels which the return flights transport soy in Kaliningrad port Kaliningrad of 3 million tons per year. Paid parkings of the Power Kaliningrad submitted a technique of charge of a payment for municipal parkings for public discussion. Tariff for...
Arkady Leonidovich Zlochevsky
Last position: President (RZS)
Podgorchuk Alexander
Abdurakhmanov Telman
Gribov Yvan
Yarmolyuk Vera
State corporation "Rosatom"
Main activity:Production and distribution of the electric power, gas and water
"Russian Party of Pensioners for Justice"
Political ideology:Social conservatism
Main activity:Agriculture, hunting, animal industry
City administration
Government Agency