Megan Dzhovon Ruth Pete showed pink laying in TikTok (resurs narushaet zakon RF) under a track Darya Zoteeva

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American repersha Megan Dzhovon Ruth Pete shot video in TikTok (resurs narushaet zakon RF) under the song Darya Zoteeva "I switch-off phone". the 28-year-old singer showed on video as the stylist does laying of her pink-black hair. Megan Dzhovon Ruth Pete appeared before fans in a white top on wide shoulder straps and pink trousers. On repershe there was a bright make-up and long nails of bright green color. "I do not remember names, persons, numbers. I remember only PIN code Visa and MasterCard" — Megan Dzhovon Ruth Pete echo. After the beginning of special operation Russian Federation in Ukraine Darya Zoteeva together with the husband Yeropkin Oleg, better known as Moneyken, left Russian Federation and...