Anthony John Blinken submits the North

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The Secretary of State of United States of America Anthony John Blinken makes tour across Northern Europe which includes visits to Sweden, Norway and Finland. During a trip the head of the American diplomacy will take part in two meetings — meeting of Council of the USA — EU on trade and to technologies and a meeting of Foreign Ministers of the countries of NATO. The tour purpose — deepening of transatlantic cooperation within which new sanctions against Russian Federation will be discussed and to be made attempts to resume negotiations on membership Sweden in NATO after elections to Turkey. In the total address to Helsinki Anthony John Blinken declares further plans for support...
Dzhozef Robinett Bayden-mladshy (Joe Biden)
Last position: President of the United States of America (President of the United States)
Anthony John Blinken
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Recep Erdogan
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Gina Marie Raymondo
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