In Iran presented the latest ballistic missile

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In Iran presented the latest ballistic missile which has received the name "Heybar", reports agentstvoirna. The rocket was presented at a ceremony on the occasion of Day of release by Khorramshahr where there was a Minister of Defence and supports of Armed forces of Iran Reza Mokhammad Ashtiyani. The Hayber rocket is the newest version of family of Khorramshahr rockets. Range of flight of the rocket – 2000 km. It is capable to bear a warhead weighing up to 1500 kg. Characteristics of the rocket – existence of system of targeting and managements on an average site of flight that does it absolutely unreceptive to blows of systems radio-electronic...
Mokhammad-Reza Garaey Ashtiani
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Defence of Islamic Republic of Iran)