World Cup in highway and ring motorcycle races of MotoGP - are confirmed: Mark Markes Alenta will test Honda RC213V from Kalex on the Grand Prix France

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Mark Markes Alenta will test the new version of the chassis of a prototype of Honda RC213V created by engineers of the German studio Kalex during the Grand Prix France in these days off. He confirmed this information in interview after press conferences. 970250 Advertising: Motorcycles enduro K2R of motorsports portal "", on May 11, 2023 - Mark Markes Alenta returned to a system after the trauma got at accident on the Grand Prix Portugal. Because of the long term of rehabilitation, it passed the Grand Prix Spain and the IRTA tests where had to test the new motorcycle. On a question, whether plan Mark Markes Alenta and Repsol of Honda to go in Le Mans on a brand new bike, a leader of Honda...