"Kolambus" suffered defeat from "Los Angeles", Daniel Tarasov replaced when it passed 4 washers in 9 minutes

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In National Hockey League "Los Angeles" on the platform inflicted "Kolambusu's" defeat — 4:1. Owners scored all four goals in the second period of everything in 9 minutes and 4 seconds — and on this piece "Los Angeles" never played in the majority. After such failure the trainer "Kolambusa" Brad Larsen went for replacement of the goalkeeper: the Russian Daniel Tarasov left gate, and its place was taken by Khatchinson Michael. More "Los Angeles" did not hammer, however and guests were honored only on one "washer with prestige". The Russian forward Marchenko Kirill became her author. Hockey. National Hockey League. The regular Los Angeles championship Los Angeles Kings – Kolambus Blyu...