"In plans — cheese dairy": as the regional grant for young businessmen helps to develop a goat farm in Krasnoyarsk the area

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In 2022 to Samara Region for the first time passed competition grants for young businessmen. To 500 thousand rubles on development the business beginning businessmen aged till 25 years could receive. It is possible to allocate funds of a gratuitous subsidy for the most different purposes, from rents rooms to purchases the equipment and acquisition of franchizes. Within implementation of the national project" Small and average business" to Samara Region favorable conditions for beginning businessmen are created, the considerable complex of instruments of support for successful start of their projects is realized. Formation...
Dimitri Bogdanov
Last position: Minister (MER SO)
Dmitry Azarov
Last position: Governor of the Samara region (Government of the Samara region)
Osipova Anna
Ministry ekonomrazvitiya
Government Agency
Oblastnoye government
Government Agency
Ministry economic development
Government Agency