FT called "sholtsing" the deadlock reason in negotiations on tanks for VSU

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The western countries are dissatisfied with indecision of the chancellor Germany Olaf Sholts in a question of deliveries of tank "Leopard" the 2nd Ukrainian army, newspaper "The Financial Times" writes. In material it is reported that in social networks everything becomes more popular the word "sholtsing" which has arisen because of indecisive behavior of the chancellor, shown in absence of the decision on deliveries of the German tanks Ukraine. As professor of the European researches of Oxford university Garton Timothy - Ash explained, this word means the good intentions interfaced to search of the reasons to postpone their realization. In turn senior research associate...
Olaf Sholts
Last position: Federal chancellor (Government of Federative Republic of Germany)
Andrey Melnik
Last position: Deputy minister (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine)
Robert Khabek
Last position: Vice-chancellor (Government of Federative Republic of Germany)
Colin Khekett Kal (Colin Kol)
Last position: The deputy minister on political affairs (United States Department of Defense)
Garton Timothy