It is possible to buy the mortgage policy from JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "ALFASTRAKHOVANIYE" by installments for a year with help "Halvah" service

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Policies JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "ALFASTRAKHOVANIYE" it is possible to buy an installment plan for a year on the Halvah card without percent and overpayments. The action acts till January 30 within "Kiberponedelnik" in the Halva-Sovkombank mobile application or on Kibervitrin. The cost of the policy will be divided into 12 equal parts, and the client will receive full insurance protection. For the first time it is possible to issue by installments even the policy of mortgage insurance is a unique offer in the market. At the full list of products which can be got on the stock "Kiberponedelnik" from "Halvah", it is possible to look in the category "Online purchases" on an action site...
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