MAMT will submit the new program of one-act ballets

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State budget cultural institution Moscow "MAMT" will present in February three evenings of one-act ballets, among which both already well-known statements, and works of modern choreographers which will show for the first time. The program of evening included on February 1 the ballet "About the Nature" Vladimir Varnava. According to the choreographer, in the work he was inspired by ideas of antique philosophers and beauty of cyclic reproduction of natural phenomena. As to the audience will show miniatures "I feel" Glukhov Pawel, "Andantino. Dream of one butterfly" Semenov Konstantin, "Red Deers" Ternavskaya Xenia and "Imeninny...
Glukhov Pawel
Semenov Konstantin
Ternavskaya Xenia
Kaydanovsky Andrey