Dmitri Khokhlov, Kirichenko Dimitri and Andrey Aleksandrovich Matsyura entered a staff Kurban Berdyev "Sochi"

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Assistants Kurban Berdyev in a trainer's staff of "Sochi" are declared: filled up team Kirichenko Dimitri, Dmitri Khokhlov and Andrey Aleksandrovich Matsyura. The club press service reports about it. Kirichenko Dimitri earlier worked in the previous teams Kurban Berdyev to "Kayratya", "Tractor" and "Rostov". Andrey Aleksandrovich Matsyura this experience in one staff with the Turkmen expert the first in career worked the analyst in a staff Kurban Berdyev in "Tractor", and for Dmitri Khokhlov. The last place of work Dmitri Khokhlov was Volgograd "Rotor" which he left in 2021. The long-term assistant Kurban Berdyev Yvan Danilyants declared earlier that is in touch with the trainer and...