Blackout and hysteric Zelensky: VS Russian Federation arranged hot end of fall for Ukraine

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The Russian army in dot blows answers a rating of Ukraine with the western weapon and appeals of the countries of NATO to Kiev to win a military victory over Russian Federation. © Video: all-Russia state broadcasting TV channel "Zvezda" © Photo: all-Russia state broadcasting TV channel "Zvezda" Russian Federation continue to strike to VS massive rocket attacks to critical infrastructure of Ukraine; On November 23 from bombers and the small rocket ships about 70 rockets were released. Together with the previous blows worked accumulative effect: in Ukraine there was a large-scale decrease in development of the electric power. All Ukrainian nuclear power plants, and also the majority warm were disconnected and stopped light giving and...
Dmitry Medvedev
Last position: Vice-chairman (Security Council of the Russian Federation)
Igor Konashenkov
Last position: Head of Department of information and mass communications (Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation)
Jens Stoltenberg
Last position: Secretary general (NATO)
Vasilii Alekseevich Nebenzya
Last position: Permanent representative (Permanent mission of the Russian Federation at UN)
Igor Kirillov
Last position: Chief of troops of radiation, chemical and biological shielding of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation)