Melaniya Tramp became the president Slovenia

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The rival Pirts Natalia - Musar at presidential elections became the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country of Angers Wilayah of Logar. The first woman on a post of the president Slovenia became Pirts Natalia - Musar. Lawyer and the human rights activist got support of 53,86% of votes, having bypassed the competitor, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Ange Wilayah of Logar (46,14%). Pirts Natalia - Musar promised "to become the president for all", to protect human rights, democracy and to fight against climate change, writes daily business newspaper "RBK daily". Pirts Natalia - Musar is known that protected Melaniya Tramp to Slovenia, after scandalous article of a local tabloid of Suzy. In it...