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President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin declared on February 24 the special operation beginning on "demilitarization" and "denazification" Ukraine. That occurs for the 260th day of operation, and also the most important about sanctions and other consequences of operations At first new At first new From old to the new 21:14 Ua Country Edition reported all about explosions near Nikolaev. The air-raid warning was declared including in the Nikolaev, Kirovograd and Dnepropetrovsk areas. 21:12 To Kiev Oblast forbade festive illumination, including garlands, on objects commercial, municipal and state...
Vladimir Putin
Last position: President of the Russian Federation (President of the Russian Federation)
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Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky
Last position: President of Ukraine (President of Ukraine)
Denis Pushilin
Last position: Acting as Head of the Donetsk People's Republic
Apti Aronovich Alaudinov
Last position: The deputy commander on conducting combat operations of the 2nd army corps (National militia of LPR)
Vladimir Rogov
Last position: Chairman of the movement "We together with Russia"