The latest news about a situation around Ukraine for August 15, 2022: as Kiev made an attempt of self-destruction and why soldiers of VSU do not believe in a victory over Russian Federation

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The commander of "Kraken" called conditions of "victory" Strelnikov Dimitri, the commander of national formation the "Kraken" who was taken prisoner, spoke, whether there is at Kiev an opportunity to win against the Russian army. It is sure that the division which he ordered, did not own any special skills, and information on their superpreparation and a high morale which went on the Ukrainian channels, was only part of information war. Strelnikov Dimitri directly declared: "It seems to me, we have no such opportunity — to win against the Russian army". He also recognized that the weapon provided to Kiev by his western sponsors...
Vladimir Rogov
Last position: Member of the Main council of military civil authorities (Regional state administration of Zaporozhye)
Kirill Stremousov
Last position: Deputy head of military civil authorities of the Kherson region
Andrey Borisovich Yermak
Last position: Head (Administration of the President of Ukraine)
Mikhail Mizintsev
Last position: Chief of National control center of defense (General Staff of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation)
Alexander Fedorovich Saulenko
Last position: Mayor Berdyansk