5000 ma · h, a threefold chamber in the spirit of Mate 40 RS of Porsche Design and the mobile Huawei services for 140 dollars. In China the inexpensive smartphone is presented to Gionee Ti13

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As writes a source, in China debuted the new smartphone under already a little forgotten partially Gionee trademark – the novelty is called as Ti13 and differs the moderate price. The version from 6 GB of the RAM and 128 GB a flash memory is estimated at 140 dollars. The option from 8 GB of the RAM and 256 GB a flash memory – for 35 dollars dorozhe.Gionee Ti13 is remarkable a number of the moments. First, the chamber of the device is issued in the spirit of a chamber of a leader of Huawei Mate 40 RS of Porsche by Design though in this case opportunities, of course, where are more modest than it: in it sensors with a resolution of 16, 5MP and 2 Megapixels are used. In a frontal chamber the sensor with a resolution of 8 is applied...
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