Tallinn awarded bronze prize-winners of the championships Europe Ury-Mikka Udam and Makarov Ilya

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Tallinn thanked and marked out Ury-Mikka Udam's capital athletes and Makarov Ilya, and also their trainers, for high sporting achievements in the championships Europe. According to the vice-mayor Tallinn Vadim Belobrovtsev, brilliant results which capital athletes show at large international competitions, give pleasure to all fans of sports. "It is pleasant to congratulate and thank athletes for their achievements. Certainly, for them it there was very successful sports year. Tallinn was adequately presented at large international competitions, and I wish to athletes and trainers of forces for...
Vadim Belobrovtsev
Last position: Vice-mayor (Tallinn administrative board of a city)
Tynu Endrekson
Last position: The professional athlete on rowing
Makarov Ilya
Raissa Allar
Sinisalo Veykko