Alexander Lukashenko put the school student in the chair and told about features of work of the president

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President of the Republic Belarus Aleksandrlukashenko conducted tour for the school student Kogodovsky Roman, having told it about difficulties of work at presidential post, having put in a chair. About it soobshchayetbelta. The pupil was awarded earlier the order for rescue of the younger brother during a fire. The Belarusian head showed how works in the Independence Palace in Minsk. "Consider that you operate process. Here you have all country on this panel. You can any now … You from Minsk Region. Here the governor Minsk Region, you can instantly find him, here invite if it is necessary" — told Alexander Lukashenko...
Alexander Lukashenko
Last position: President of Republic of Belarus (President of the Republic Belarus)
Kogodovsky Roman
Lukashenko Rom