It is reported about four victims: that is known of rigid plane landing of L-410 to Irkutsk Region

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To Irkutsk Region the L-410 plane onboard which there were 16 people, including two crew members made rigid landing. As a result of incident four persons were lost, reported in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The committee of inquiry brought criminal case whereas East Siberian transport prosecutor's office organized check. As report mass media, some reasons of crash of the plane, including an error of piloting and equipment refusal are considered...
Alexander Bastrykin
Last position: Chairman (Investigating Committee of the Russian Federation)
Igor Ivanovich Kobzev
Last position: Governor of the Irkutsk region
Alexander Neradko
Last position: Head (Federal Air Transport Agency)
Vyacheslav Fedoseenko
Last position: Chief (Head department of Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergency Situations and the Relief of Natural Disasters on the Irkutsk region)
Sergei Zhvachkin
Main activity:Politician