Andrey Vorobyov brought in Regional Duma of Moscow candidates of vice governors

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Andrey Vorobyov submitted for consideration of Regional Duma of Moscow candidates of vice governors and deputy chairmen Government of Moscow region, the press service of the governor and Government of Moscow region reports.

"According to the Charter Moscow Region, I want to bring on the statement Oblastnoy parlament candidates of vice governors and deputy chairmen of Government of Moscow region, they are one less now, than was in the first period", – marked out Andrey Vorobyov. He asked local parliament to consider the list at the next meeting on September 20.

is offered to make the First vice governor Gabdrakhmanov Ildar, and vice governors – Virtuozova Natalia, Pestov Dimitri and Kuznetsov Mikhail.

the First deputy of the Prime Minister can become Zabralova Olga. To it it is planned to receive the social block. Besides, for positions of deputies apply Igor Borisovich Treskov, Fomin Maxime, Denise Petrovich Butsaev, Alexander Chuprakov and Nagornaya Maria. the List one more candidate whom for the present consider can fill up later

, specified Andrey Vorobyov.

Besides, Government of Moscow region prepared amendments to the law on regional privileges in connection with change in the pension legislation after the address Vladimir Putin. According to the chairman of Regional Duma of Moscow Igor Bryntsalov, regional privileges will untie from a retirement, they will be available to all inhabitants of the region from 55-year age to women and 60-year-old – to men.

At the first meeting of parliament will consider this question and the candidates offered by the governor, he added.

Moscow Region passed Elections of the governor in Uniform voting day (2018). Inhabitants of the region re-elected on this post Andrey Vorobyov. Its inauguration took place on September 14.
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