State corporation "Rosatom" undertakes utilization of the most dangerous industrial wastes

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the Key event of the ecological agenda of present East economic forum became announcement by State corporation "Rosatom" the new big project on processing of the most dangerous industrial wastes of the first and second class of danger. About this project at session "The national Ecology project: priorities of the state, opportunity for businesses" director general told State corporation "Rosatom" Alexei Likhachev.

Before Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation prepared amendments to the current legislation according to which State corporation "Rosatom" is offered to be made the federal operator according to the address with industrial wastes of the first and second class. Such decision was made taking into account successful experience State corporation "Rosatom" in realization of a state policy in the field of the address with radioactive waste, and also existence of modern technologies the complex treatment of especially dangerous wastes at the developed administrative and production infrastructure.

K industrial to waste of the first class of danger what cause to the nature irreparable injury treat, and waste of the second class — such waste after which environment "recovers" during tens years.

Seven enterprises and 36 billions

by words Alexei Likhachev, to State corporation "Rosatom" till 2024 it is necessary to create at least seven large complexes on processing of these industrial wastes. Four such complexes will be created on the basis of the enterprises which were earlier engaged in elimination of the chemical weapon.


Behind the manufacturing enterprises of waste there will be a right for creation of own necessary competences to guarantee to the state full utilization at itself waste, Alexei Likhachev told.

According to him, even earlier as an important component of the project it will be necessary to create uniform system of the accounting of waste of 1 and 2 categories of danger at a boundary of 2020. "The state has to see at least where this waste is acquired, and to keep their accurate account and control" — Alexei Likhachev explained.

the Initial budget the project is determined by

in 36 billion rubles, and 48% are there will be means State corporation "Rosatom", and 52% are attracted at the expense of investors. "Today the program minimum is counted according to the consolidated investment budget state corporations. But, it seems to me, we on each platform should attract partners — it there can be regional enterprises, it can be our national companies" — noted Rosatom chapter State corporation "Rosatom".

"Thirty six billion rubles — it is the starting sum, but even from this sum of 52% will be or are attracted from the outside, or are directly allocated to State corporation "Rosatom"" — Alexei Likhachev added.

"The part of the project will be realized by

by the investment principle, we will consider possibility of return of investments in 7-8 years" — he explained. Thus Rosatom chapter State corporation "Rosatom" did not exclude basic possibility of occurrence over time in the project of foreign co-investors.

"The financial plan (project) exists, stages of creation information systems and capacities are discussed with the government, with Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation" — noted Rosatom chapter State corporation "Rosatom". Now it is necessary to wait for adoption of the relevant law. "The investment project will start being carried out right after adoption of law and entering of appropriate means into budget Russian Federation" — Alexei Likhachev specified.

At the same time, separately it is necessary to decide that to do with already saved up in Russian Federation in 180 million tons promotkhodov 1 and 2 classes, Alexei Likhachev noted. "It is obvious that it is necessary to provide in budget money and on their elimination" — he told.

as a whole, the project on the one hand entirely corresponds to a strategic task State corporation "Rosatom", the share of revenue directed on increase from new products, and on the other hand — completely corresponds acquired for tens years to competences of nuclear branch according to the address with radioactive waste, Alexei Likhachev emphasized.

As for project "accessory" in nuclear branch, it will be supervised by Rosatom division State corporation "Rosatom" on management a final stage of life cycle which now renders a full range of services according to the treatment of the fulfilled nuclear fuel and radioactive waste.