Malta and Australia continue to support the cryptocurrency industry

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Malta and Australia continue to support the cryptocurrency industry

Malta and Australia seek to become the centers of the cryptocurrency industry. It once again is confirmed by a series of the events which have occurred for the last week.

the Government Malta does not worry that the cryptocurrency companies work while their demands for obtaining licenses still are under consideration as it does not mean that they are free from obligations according to existing rules, officials of the country declared. Besides, as reports The Daily in Municipality of Valletta the mansion worth 3 million euros was offered for sale, and his owner accepts as payment only Cryptocurrency. And on the island near coast Australia, the Sydney businessman intends to create the real tropical cryptocurrency paradise.

of the Power Malta have a kind feeling to the cryptocurrency companies

Malta which makes all efforts to become one of the most friendly to Cryptocurrency the countries in Europe, gave financial that - to the companies moving to the island, the whole year to obtain the license according to recently adopted legislation. Nevertheless the high-ranking official in Municipality of Valletta denies statements that this opportunity will open doors for the cryptocurrency firms, wishing to work with violation of the law.

In July the parliament in Municipality of Valletta approved by

three bills, intended for regulation of sector and a possibility of creation of the cryptocurrency companies on Malta. Many known players in the industry, including Binance , Okex , and Bitbay , or opened there offices, or seriously reflected on moving on the island. At cryptocurrency and blokcheyn-firms there are 12 months for application for obtaining the license according to new rules Malta.

Nevertheless, director general Managements financial services Malta (MFSA) Kashiri Dzhozef (Joseph Cuschieri) says that provisions which allow the unlicensed companies to continue the activity until they will not be completely settled, will not give them a freedom of action for opportunity for use of legal vacuum as reports Malta Today. Kashiri Dzhozef emphasized that the cryptocurrency firms creating the enterprises in the country to obtaining the license, nevertheless are obliged to observe local laws.

In the separate statement the prime minister Malta recognized that his government hopes that the prospering industry Technologies blokcheyna will help to diversify national economy.

"We assume reasonable risk... [reducing] layers of bureaucracy and offering the accelerated coordination for players of the industry of digital currencies that they could quicker start working at the island", - Dzhozef Muskat (Joseph Muscat) in interview recognized.

the Mansion for BTC

the Historical building in the center of the capital Malta of 860 square meters and worth about 3 million euros, was offered for sale. Or to use a mansion which can be turned easily into hotel for offices, it is possible to acquire only with help Cryptocurrency.

the Owner selling real estate only for Bitkoin considers that in cryptocurrency business community there are a lot of rich people who estimate Malta as the most attractive place for investments. Coinrivet reports that according to the owner, investments in real estate in Municipality of Valletta are a reasonable step for those who wants to locate in the country which advances itself as "the island Technologies blokcheyna". The mansion was offered for sale within the project under the name Cryptohomes. The team of the project intends to offer in the future for sale more than real estates for Cryptocurrency.

Tropical cryptocurrency paradise

the Australian island Kippel of Islands Region at coast Central State of Queensland, once popular tourist place located at the Great Barrier Reef, is now in the center of the project connected with serious cryptocurrency investments.

the Australian consortium intends to revive it as the hi-tech vacation spot which will offer qualitative housing in the new resort with magnificent country houses, golf course and pier for yachts. According to the The Age edition, these investments have to promote development special cryptocurrency microeconomics of the island.

Developers from Tower Holdings, companies from Sydney, belonging to the businessman Terry Agnyyu (Terry Agnew), hope to finance the undertaking through sale coins, to be exact – through the offer of tokens actions (Security Token Offering - STO). According to the publication Australian mass media, the project worth $300 million can become the most considerable investments in the Great Barrier Reef region for many years.