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To Republic of Khakassia the electee for the next term the mayor Abakan Nicholas Bulakin held today press conference following the results of the past elections. And it was a question not only of elections of the mayor, but also elections of the governor which for the first time for all history of the republic demanded the second round.

"So, elections of local governments took place", - such words there began the speech Nicholas Bulakin.

"Preliminary data to you are well-known. I will note that last elections passed in very difficult, adverse situation for elections. Adverse it was for power structures. Social and economic situation in the country not the most pleasant. One only pension reform that costs", - continued chapter Abakan.

Also Nicholas Bulakin, probably, anticipating questions of journalists, let know that neither deputies of the City Council, nor it personally do not support pension reform. And the appearance was, we will softly tell, not the highest, by words Nicholas Bulakin including because also weather was given sad, rainy.

Taking an opportunity, Nicholas Bulakin thanked all citizens that in the Uniform voting day they came to polling stations and executed the civic duty.

"And I express special gratitude to those citizens who gave the preference concerning me. Thanks a lot. I will try in every possible way and in every possible way to justify your trust", - the town governor assured the voters.

However despite positive for it an outcome of elections, now Nicholas Bulakin disturb a bit different questions: new structure of Council of deputies of the city, the reeled positions of the party in power, and also question who after all will sit down in a governor's chair.

"United Russia" Party suffered defeat in the majority of the cities and worsened the positions... not in all, but in some regions really the party in power lost the positions", - the mayor noticed.

Nevertheless in Abakan the party in power, by words Nicholas Bulakin, still in a priority.

"From 14 mandates our team which I headed, gathered 12 places. We gave two deputy mandates. According to party lists of 15 deputy mandates were distributed as follows: "United Russia" Party, 4 mandates - Communist Party of the Russian Federation, 3 - Liberal Democratic Party of Russia. Under one mandate got to three parties participating in elections: pensioners, Social Revolutionaries and "Communists of Russia" Party, - Nicholas Bulakin summarized, having promised to keep constructivism.

At the same time Nicholas Bulakin noted that in the republic the power significantly changes.

"Because "United Russia" Party as it is represented to me, lost the majority in the Supreme Council, and Communist Party of the Russian Federation becomes leading party on structure of deputies in the Supreme Council. Comments here are excessive", - with some fear Nicholas Bulakin noted.


Now as the mayor considers, remains nothing how to trace a course of events, namely, whether will be able structurally to construct the relationship deputies of the Supreme Council.

"The most negative that can occur, this transformation of our parliament... in translation from French the word is meant by "talking shop"... It is necessary to speak! To prove the views, offers in any parliament it is necessary. Whether our parliament will turn into institute such razdry, upholding of the radical opposite views? After all the consensus should be found, and in it a supertask", - Nicholas Bulakin declared.

Smoothly from discussion of new structure of a resparlament the subject passed

to results of elections of the governor. Subject as it became clear, for the Abakan town governor burning.

"For the first time for all history, probably, I am mistaken, the issue is not resolved!" - Nicholas Bulakin told.

I for still operating leaders of the republic it for certain a good occasion to think of that after all was not so.

"Under the law need carrying out the second round. And it is very probable that the second will be carried out though there are options", - the speaker ambiguously added.

"And now I ask correctly me to understand

... Relations of two branches of the power: regional and municipal authority not always simple, in my practice there was everyone. At present, in the latest time, they developed in obviously constructive key. We can as the city head and the head of the republic, for example, to adhere to different views even the political. But when constructive collaboration which finally is aimed at the decision any important, serious, expensive in respect of the budgetary financings questions in city life turns out, it is good", - explained chapter Abakan.

Also Nicholas Bulakin, seemingly, extremely without wishing to say goodbye to operating management, complained that losing the governor, the capital of the republic risks to lose and a number of megaprojects. To be exact, money on their realization. However how these "megaprojects" into Republic of Khakassia turn into soap bubbles, constant readers information agency "Khakasiya" should not explain. And still Nicholas Bulakin insists on the:

"Recently we with the head of the republic, and at present the head of the republic operating is a Viktor Zimin, worked many projects which demand further study in the tops of the federal center. The president signed a number of fundamental financial documents that demand from us financial efforts, joint actions. Also let speak directly: now these projects podvisli".

Besides, receding from a subject, we will add that the set of projects in the republic hung for a long time in mid-air and at authorities in power. So it is not excluded that Nicholas Bulakin overestimated possibilities of the regional chief a little.

"I have an interest in preservation as the head of the republic Viktor Zimin", - the newly elected head accurately told.

this interest is expressed to

I, most likely, in capital prosperity. And to prosper as Nicholas Bulakin considers, it will be simpler with acting governor as the last is accepted in high offices and is able to beg for federal money.


is more detailed - in the following materials information agency "Khakasiya".

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