The majority of clients "Natali Tours" will receive only small part of cost of the cancelled rounds

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Since September 4 "Natali Tours" stopped tour operator activity in connection with an exception Federal Agency for Tourism from the register of the legal persons working under its brand: companies LLC "Panorama Tur", LLC "Travel agency "Natali", open company" "Natali Turs's" Tour operator "Natali Tours".

" compensations Insurance Public joint-stock company "Ingosstrakh" which since September 4 began reception of statements from tourists "Natali Tours" will be engaged in

in Payment. Financial guarantees of tour operator will not suffice for payments compensations by all victim" — told Irina Tyurina.

It reminded that nearly all 12 thousand. the rounds cancelled by tour operator, were sold on behalf of companies "the Panorama Round". The sum of its financial guarantees provided by company Insurance Public joint-stock company "Ingosstrakh", – 50 million rubles, plus of 5,6 million in fund of personal responsibility of "Turpomoshchi". Return on each round will make a little more than 4,5 thousand rubles.

the Legal person "Agency of travel Turs Natalie" sold rounds on Internet, that is directly to tourists. Financial guarantees of this of companies make 50 million rubles and 1 million 130 more thousand rubles in fund of personal responsibility. The number of the sold rounds is not known yet. At companies "Natali Turs's Tour operator" financial guarantees are issued on 500 thousand rubles, it worked at the market of internal tourism. By number of the sold rounds of information also is not present.


At the same time in the statement for a stop of activity of companies it is said that after a suspension of sales on July 4 it rendered services to clients on air transportation and visa registration more than on 700 million rubles that partially covers the received advance payments.

"Natali Tours" on July 4 declared annulment of all confirmed rounds till September 30. The debt of companies before tourists and partners makes about 1,5 billion rubles, total number of victims comes nearer to 30 thousand