Ministry of transport of Moscow region checked over 280 school buses by new academic year

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RIAMO - 31 Aug. Ministry of transport of Moscow region checked readiness more than 280 school buses to transportation of pupils to schools in anticipation of new academic year, is spoken in the message of the press service of department.

"Testing was undergone by buses in municipalities in which are transported on school routes. 281 buses are inspected, vehicles are ready to transportation of children. In 47 buses the insignificant violations which are not influencing safety are revealed. Nevertheless, carriers have to eliminate remarks in the shortest terms", – the minister told transports and road infrastructure of the region Igor Borisovich Treskov.

Results of check are sent to

to Ministry of education of Moscow region and municipalities Moscow Region, he added.

According to the legislation, school buses have to be equipped with system controls speed and a mode of work of drivers, system of satellite navigation "GLONASS", seats have to be equipped with belts of safety, and pass in salon is equipped with hand-rail.

Besides, in salon of buses the alarm buttons "Request for a Stop" have to be established to

, and the workplace of the driver is equipped with the device of sound reception and light signals of need of a stop.

"Ministry of transport of Moscow region quarterly checks school buses regarding compliance to state standard specification 33552-2015 and requirements of safety transportations of children", – concluded Igor Borisovich Treskov.