The British court obliged Khrapunov Ilyas to pay 500 million dollars in favor of Joint-stock company "BTA bank"

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Court decided

that Khrapunov Ilyas entered arrangement to Ablyazov Mokhtar and helped it with plunder and washing of money Joint-stock company "BTA bank".

the British Supreme court obliged Khrapunov Ilyas to pay Joint-stock company "BTA bank" about 500 million dollars for its assistance to Ablyazov Mokhtar in stealing of means banks for the sum more than 6 billion dollars, reports of Zhurnal Newsweek .

the Court decided

that Ilyas of Snorers entered arrangement to the former chairman of Joint-stock company "BTA bank" for commission of roguish operation. Judicial documents testify that some of means, probably, President of the United States Donald Trump were washed through the empire of real estate.

Khrapunov Ilyas also got support of the English accountant, certain mister Aggarval, approves court.

"Aggarval was an accountant, but well understood use of the offshore companies and other organizations by means of which it was possible to hide the true owner of assets. Aggarval rendered services Khrapunov Ilyas. Thus Khrapunov Ilyas were told by Aggarvalu that he acts on behalf of several persons, having hidden that Ablyazov Mokhtar" was his client actually, – is spoken in the decision.

the Owner of Joint-stock company "BTA bank" Kenes Rakishev declared that the court resolution became the next step to return of the stolen means.

" Ablyazov Mokhtar disappeared under the guise of the self-appointed political dissident, trying to evade from justice. This resolution of court is a considerable step to return more than 6 billion dollars appropriated by Ablyazov Mokhtar and his accomplices", – the shareholder reported to the American magazine JSC BTA Bank Kenes Rakishev.

the court Resolution proves to

that" Ablyazov Mokhtar and those who helps it, cannot continue to act beyond the law", Kenes Rakishev added.

Ablyazov also allegedly got

Ablyazov Mokhtar to launder money through large projects in the field of real estate to United States of America and Europe. According to reports, Khrapunov Ilyas bought three apartments in Trump SoHo hotel in New York, but soon resold them, writes the edition.

B specialized interdistrict court on criminal cases Almaty criminal case in the relation of parents Khrapunov Ilyas, the former mayor Almaty Khrapunov Victor and his wife Leyla. The spouse Hrapunova are accused of plunder state property, fraud, abuse of powers of office, receiving bribes and legalization of the stolen property, made by an organized criminal group. The caused damage to the state exceeds 250 million dollars.

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