It is more than competition: Altai Territory together with Federal Antimonopoly Service seriously undertook the market

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Regionalnoye government signed the cooperation agreement with Federal Antimonopoly Service
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in Barnaul passed on July 9 meeting of advisory council on improvement of investment climate in Altai Territory. On action there was a stats-secretary-deputy head Federal Antimonopoly Service Andrey Tsarikovsky. According to him, the level of the competition existing in primary branches of economy Altai Territory, can be characterized as rather high.

have less than barriers

according to the acting the Deputy Prime Minister, the minister of economic developments Altai Territory Nicholas Nikolaevich Chinyakov, in the region two priority markets (tourist's services and dairy products) and 11 socially significant markets — services preschool educations, children's rest, additional education, medical service, services in the culture sphere, Household management company, retail trades, transportations of passengers by land transport, services communications, etc. are defined. Thus the edge seeks to leave from excess state regulation, takes measures for decrease in administrative barriers, improvement of management processes by objects of state property, and also controls activity of natural monopolies.

After end of advisory council of the acting the governor Altai Territory Victor Petrovich Tomenko signed the cooperation agreement about Federal Antimonopoly Service. According to the head of the region, between Federal Antimonopoly Service and executive authorities Altai Territory is paid to interaction questions much attention. One of the most important elements of interaction is control concerning goods and services, significant for social well-being of the population.

Responsible for implementation of this agreement of steel regional OFAS (the head Pospelov Stepan) and HEAD DEPARTMENT ECONOMY AND INVESTMENTS ALTAI KRAI (Nicholas Nikolaevich Chinyakov heads).

"We began development of indicators with ours Administration office federal antimonopoly service on Altai Republic, however such work is not new to us — we created "road map" of developments the competition in the region with certain priority directions" — Nicholas Nikolaevich Chinyakov reported.

the Competition — fundamentals of market economy

"Our cooperation on development the competition in Altai Territory — is one of the most important tools of the solution of the whole complex of the most different questions, not only in economy, but also in the social sphere. It and employment because all new and new subjects of economy have opportunity to enter the markets which for them were closed earlier. And now they have opportunity in fair and competitive competition to advance the production and the services. In our agreement each of the parties takes obligations to create conditions to do economy more transparent and more competitive, so more effective and socially focused" — Victor Petrovich Tomenko noted.

"Where can develop the competition, it is necessary to do it. It increases investment appeal of the region. Now all main requirements of the national standard in Altai Territory are executed" — Andrey Tsarikovsky emphasized.

With excess of the plan

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the competition, and also 41 key indicators (are determined by a share of presence of the organizations of private form of ownership in branches of economy of the region) which have to be reached by January 1, 2022. However each region has the right to expand this list at the expense of the individual indicators.

Andrey Tsarikovsky especially emphasized that "many subjects assume the raised obligations and additional indicators. These indicators — development drivers modern economy of the region" — were stated by the representative of Federal Antimonopoly Service. By the way, Andrey Tsarikovsky, having examined potential Altai Territory declared that the agriculture and a tourist cluster — "is the huge horizons for developments region economy".

"We have to reach certain indicators, and think up them not simply for show, and indicators of developments in branches have to become priority. 41 indicators, it is necessary to reach at least 33 of them. Besides, we have to be engaged antimonopoly the komplayensy. It is a certain set of rules according to which the relevant state agencies have to work not to allow infringement of the competition. When people see accurate rules, they understand that they will allow to work normally, and it too attracts investments" — Andrey Tsarikovsky added.

Now in Altai Territory the minimum values on a share of presence of private business in the separate markets are established to

. Further it is an indicator it is planned to increase gradually. Meanwhile by a preliminary estimate, in 30 markets of the region target indicators already exceed the minimum threshold values.

Also considerably exceeded an indicator for 2017 on development the competition at implementation of procedures of the government and municipal procurements: the share of purchases at subjects of small and average businesses made 79,3% at planned 18%.

Within existing "road map" (it is calculated until the end of 2018) on competition increase in Altai Territory from 58 indicators it is already reached 53. The others will be executed by December.