The ideal future came. It is not necessary to try on clothes any more

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Japanese presented to
new bodisyyut which itself will take of you measurements and will allow to buy the clothes sewed precisely by the size without leaving the house.

the Japanese company Zozo specializing on sale of fashionable clothes, sees the future in expansion on the foreign markets, and that is more unusual, in tailoring by individual orders. Such surprising during a massmarket era the statement the executive director made Yusaka Maezava. "Time when people adapt to clothes, ended: it is a new era when the clothes adapt to people" — Maezava told.

the Inhabitant Tokyo Atsushi Kumon in Zozosuit. Using the Zozotown appendix, it adjusts the smartphone for three-dimensional images of the body, with 18 measurements from a neck to anklebones. Photo: Ken Kobayashi

Certainly, this is not about removal of measures in tailor's meter or manual skills, everything will become most technologically. Experts of Zozo developed fitting all body of the client bodisyyut with a nice print in peas — and four hundred sensors. If to put on Zozosuit and to take off data of sensors, photographing itself on the smartphone, it is possible to load exact parameters of the body into a special application. the 3D model as a result turns out. It is rather simple to make some clicks and as company claims, you receive ideal clothes.

Earlier company presented to

option of the suit taking measurements by means of touch threads, however dot sensors were more effective.

the Inspirer of the project Maezava is known for

not only as the businessman. The former drummer of punk group periodically appears in headings of news. In 2016 it on the Italian Pagani supercar had an accident, having faced other luxury car, Maybach, and last year tabloids actively discussed purchase of Baskiya Zhan-Mishel for record $110,5 million.

Maezava tells

However, the present project is calculated not on a narrow circle of elite buyers. Zozosuit and clothes which can be ordered with its help, will be available not only to Japan: Zozosuit can be bought in 72 countries of the world. Pleasure will be not really cheap, but also not zaoblachno expensive: limited quantity of suits will sell less than for $200, and the standard price of a novelty — about $360. Already now to a collection business suits and shirts are added, and the range will extend.

the Staff of companies in the new business suits which have been picked up by means of Zozo on press conferences in Tokyo on July 3. Photo: Ken Kobayashi
Ken Kobayashi
Last position: Chairman (Mitsubishi COR)
Baskiya Zhan-Mishel