Ilsur Metshin: "Kazan historically was and continues to develop as the largest center of legal educations"

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: Muginov Marat

(Kazan KZN.RU, on June 8, Safina Alsu). Today to Kazan the first assembly of legal community Republic of Tatarstan Legal Expert Awards opened. Welcoming participants in State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company "Korston" the Mayor Kazan Ilsur Metshin noted that Kazan historically was and continues to develop as the largest Russian center of legal educations and sciences.

the Mayor who is the chairman of the board of trustees of law department of KFU, noted that next year to this faculty 215 years are executed. "For the past two centuries of one thousand graduates successfully ended alma mater, having become experts in the field of law", - the town governor told. In 2015 FGAOU IN "KAZANSKY (PRIVOLZHSKY) FEDERAL UNIVERSITY", FGAOU IN KFU, KFU, KAZANSKIY FEDERAL UNIVERSITY, KAZAN UNIVERSITY, KAZAN (VOLGA) FEDERAL UNIVERSITY for the first time collected more than one thousand graduates and lawyers from all country. "It is pleasant that carrying out to Kazan large international legal forums and conferences with participation of experts from all over the world became a good tradition", - Ilsur Metshin told. So, in September of last year at the initiative of the President Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov there took place the international forum of Kazan Legal which has made Kazan on some days the center of the legal theory and practice. "It is sure, as today's action becomes for all participants interesting and useful, and stay to Kazan unforgettable", - the Mayor wished to participants of assembly.

Participants of assembly became lawyers, legal consultants, corporate lawyers and representatives businesses, judges, representatives of the professional organizations, associations, funds and associations, educational institutions, notaries, appraisers, representatives of public authorities Republic of Tatarstan. They plan to discuss questions and the problems actual in the modern world.


which will be lifted on assembly, and also structure of its participants allow to be sure that today's action will be the most effective for gathered, the chairman of the Tatarstan regional office of Association lawyers Russia Ildar Khalikov noted. "The chosen subjects difficult, are questions absolutely new, from area of the digital right. It already is a subject not the future, and the present, and demands serious discussion, discussion and decision search", - Ildar Khalikov considers.

"Today only the lazy does not tell

about digital economy, about new approaches. But it not only economy - this big field for the new relations in the sphere of the humanities. We already seriously speak today about the digital right, - the vice rector for educational activity of KFU Tayursky Dimitri noted. – And here field of activity not only for representatives of jurisprudence and practice, collective interdisciplinary work" is necessary. According to the scientist, not far off times when many expert decisions will be applied on the basis of Artificial intelligence. "But soon I do not expect that the human factor will leave on the second plan, the person always will be on the first place", - the expert told.

Should noting that within assembly are planned not only the working sessions connected with questions of legal educations, digital economy, judicial and arbitration practice, businesses and legal services, but also a Legal Expert Awards award – a professional award for lawyers of the republic, legal "Oscar". In the evening winners on 12 nominations will be called.

the member of Central Election Commission, the doctor of jurisprudence, the vice-president of the Russian association of international law Vasilii Nikolaevich Likhachev, the director of the center of innovative solutions of BPM, Legal Tech of the Cluster of information technologies Fund "Skolkovo" Pronin Anton, the deputy director generals Pravo.Ru, the developer of system "Electronic Justice" Aleksandrova Tatyana.

To Kazan there passes Legal Expert Awards
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To Kazan there passes Legal Expert Awards